Our Completed Projects

  • TOW-Seremban-Old-Place
    Meyer Sound UPJ-1P as the Main Front of House system Situated in Seremban, Tabernacle of Worship is a vibrant and growing church. Since the church has been founded in 1986, the church has gone through various sound systems upgrade. The latest system upgrade that was done in various stages were
  • Seremban Life Assembly NS
    Dynacord A 112A Active Speakers as FOH Located in Oakland, Seremban, Seremban Life Assembly is a church that is focused on the community living and music is a very big part of the ministry. However, their current sound system was not able to deliver the mission they wanting to accomplish.
  • Foon Yew 2 Hall Fabric Acoustic Treatment
    Foon Yew 2 Primary School is a high-performance school where education is highly valued and the teachers and the parents worked hard to ensure it’s students receives the best instruction and education program that the school provides. One of the programs is the pre-classes events held in the multipurpose hall.