We have recently conducted a System Optimization and Alignment training with Soundline Sdn. Bhd. sales and technical team.

Before any practicals, and understanding in theory is a must

The team spend some qualities hours understanding the theory of Audio fundamentals followed by the hands-on practical time.

Hands on practical sessions after the theory session

For the practical hands-on training, dual FFT software such as SMAARTLIVE is being used. For this training, Soundline took out their dB Technologies flagship Line Array the VIO Series to measure and optimized using the knowledge they have been just taught.

Measuring and optimizing DbTechnologies VIO Line Array

Overall, the team are confident to strike out on their own to optimise and align their systems – as part of the value-added services and support for all SoundLine customers.

Bronte Audio Solutions are glad to be able to impart the knowledge and in return helps the audio industry strives to a higher standard in Malaysia.

SoundLine team and Bronte Audio Training Coordinators. Pictured at the back dB Technologies VIO series Line Array system.
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