What We Do


Pro Audio Intergration

Pro Audio is the very core of what Bronte Audio Solutions do best. We have extensive experience designing and implementing systems for churches, education, entertainment and worship arenas. We specialized in large complex advanced-technology projects down to simple small venue worship hall designs. Each project are treated with upmost care, ensuring our client receives the best audio consultation and system design that fits best for their needs. We provide:

  • Sound Reinforcement Engineering Design & Consultation
  • Pro Audio System Integration and Installation services
  • Sound system assessment services.
  • Sound system product retail

Sound System Reinforcement Alignment, Optimization & Tuning

We are a firm believer that no matter how big or small a system is, it can be tuned to optimized to its true performance. We provide extensive computerized system analysis, optimization and tuning services. Contact us today to discuss how we can be part of your value added services to your system design and installation.


Sound System Training

Providing sound system training – easy enough for volunteers down right to advanced mode for professionals seeking to understand more the physics of sound system – we provide them all. We collaborate with Audio Missions International and often run 3 days Audio Training annually, and we have trained thousands of participants since our humble beginning back in 2006. Contact us today to discuss more on how we can provide your crew the skills they need to be effective in this audio industry.


Acoustics Treatment & Intergration

We provide acoustical designs and acoustical treatment for various venues, performance halls, lecture halls and worship center.

Kajang AG Church LED Wall

Visual, IMAG and LED Wall Display

We supply and install LED WALL, Laser projectors for your worship and business needs.

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