Full Gospel Assembly, KL is a vibrant multi-cultural church that is based in the heart of Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Its multi-hall venue is always busy with activities, and recently they decided to expand and renovate one of their existing facilities to meet the current needs of its congregation. Bronte Audio Solutions was chosen as a partner and solution provider for their acoustic and electro-acoustic system needs.

Behringer P16-M IEM Systems

The room in mentioned measures 80 feet by 80 feet, with low ceiling – making it difficult to put conventional loudspeakers in the venue. A distributed system with zonal capabilities was the perfect solution for this venue. dB Technologies loudspeaker system was chosen for this project, namely the LVX Series model because of its powerful amplifier and rotatable HF horn capabilities which enables it to be mounted horizontally to maximise the sight-line of the stage from the back.

dB Tecnologies DVA SB09 in Cardoid Configuration

Three units of dB Technologies DVA SB09 handle the low-end duties, set up in cardioid configuration to provide maximum low-end punch to the congregation while providing clean low-end cancellation on stage.

All loudspeakers are controlled by XTA DC1048 Integrated Audio Management Processor, providing the highest dynamic range for the system to perform marvellously.

dB Technologies FM12 provides the stage monitoring

Mixing duties are managed by Midas M32 digital mixing console, while stage monitoring duties are handled by 6 units of dB Technologies Flexsys FM12 powered monitors. These stage monitors provide monitoring capabilities to singers while musicians are equipped with Behringer P16-M In-ear Monitoring system.

We are very thankful to be given this opportunity to serve and be part of this upgrading project.

Equipment used for this install

  • DB Technologies LVX12 x 4
  • DB Technologies LVX10 x 6
  • DB Technologies DVA S09DP x 3
  • DB Technologies FM12 x 6
  • Midas M32 Digital Console x 1
  • XTA DC1048 Intergrated Audio Management x 1
  • Behringer PowerPlay P16-M x 7
  • AKG WMS470 D5 Wireless Mic x 4
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