Proel Session 4 as FOH at Calvary Life Assembly Sg. Udang

Calvary Life Assembly (BM) is a Bahasa church based in Sg. Udang, Melaka. Serving as a church for East Malaysians based in the military camp nearby, this outreach needs an audio system upgrade, and we are called in for consultation and assistance.

A pair of Proel Session 4 was proposed to be the Front of House system, replacing its ageing Samson system. The church committee immediately accepts its portability and powerful sonic punch at a very affordable price point.

Proel Session 4 2.1 compact portable array

To complete the system, Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer is installed. This cost-effective faderless mixer is easy to setup, and it only took 20mins for church audio volunteers to learn how to operate and navigate its software control.

For microphone setups, 3 units of Audix F50 wired mics were installed, and one unit of Audio Technica System 10 wireless mic was provided to complete the setup.

Overall the church is pleased to have great sonic quality for their church services now, and we hope this setup will bring many to the knowledge of Jesus Christ for years to come.

Audio Technica System 10 wireless mic

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