Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is a public technical university in Pahang, Malaysia. Focussing on technical excellence, this multipurpose shall are the latest addition to achieve that purpose.

University Malaysia Pahang (Gambang Campus) Multipurpose Hall

Bronte Audio Solution was engaged to by the original system integrator to solve excessive acoustic slap-back from the installed loudspeaker system as well as to perform full system analysis, optimization and alignment for it.

iSemcon 7150 Measurement Microphone

A dual FFT spectrum analyser SMAART LIVE and an iSemcon 7150 microphone were used to measure and optimise the system.

The analysis shows that the loudspeakers were pointed at the wrong angle, and the ground staff quickly rectified this. We applied an electronic equalization to the system accordingly to smoothen the frequencies response, and delays were ]added to align the top FOH with the ground stack subwoofers.

Ground staff readjust the FOH loudspeaker aim

We can minimize the amount of acoustical slapback caused by the system, and the system was able to perform accordingly as it is designed.

The client is very happy with the results and we are glad that we can be of service for other fellow system integrators.

You can contact us directly for service cost quotation for any tuning and alignment services, and you will be pleased how your existing system can be future improved with the right techniques and optimization.

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