The newest entertainment in Petaling Jaya town, located at PJ MidTown Tokyo Whisky & Wine Bar, strives to serve its customers a place for a great place to relax with a great live music band.

IVA Loudspeakers System were selected for this project

Bronte Audio Solutions were tasked to design and integrate the sound reinforcement for the venue with even coverage and the best cost-effective solution.

To achieve these objectives, IVA Loudspeakers were selected for this project for their hardware reliability with an attractive low cost compared to other brands.

IVA rX-12MK2 Loudspeaker deployed for FOH duties

A total of 2 units of IVA rX-12MK2 loudspeakers were installed around the stage to provide uniform coverage for the audience. In comparison, 4 units of IVA rX-10MK2 smaller loudspeakers were installed to handle the rear delay coverage duties. For the low frequencies’ reproduction, an IVA Sub 118B were used. All the loudspeakers were powered by IVA MK11 7.0 power amplifier.

The bar used a Yamaha MG16XU analogue mixer to handle mixing duties, and the microphone of choice was Audio Technica ATM510 and Audio Technica System 10 wireless mics. We installed Rapco DB-1 passive DI box for all the instruments line-in to the system.

4 units of IVA MKII 7.0 Power Amplifier with IVA Pro26DX Loudspeaker Management Processor

IVA Pro26DX Loudspeaker Management processor is used to tune and optimized the installation to ensure smooth frequency reproduction at all seats. Bronte Audio Solutions provides computerized system alignment and optimization services for all its installation as part of our value-added services for engaging us at the system integrator.

Overall the client is satisfied and pleased with the results, and we are delighted that one project completed successfully within the specified parameters.

Equipment used for this install

VA RX-12MK2 500 watts passive loudspeaker – 2 units
IVA RX-10MK2 320 watts passive loudspeaker – 6 units
IVA SUB 118B 600 watts passive subwoofer – 1 unit
IVA M-7.0MKII Power Amplifier – 4 units
Yamaha MG16XU 16ch Analog mixer  with effects– 1 unit
IVA Pro26DX Loudspeaker Processor and Management – 1 unit
Audio Technica ATM 510 dynamic wired microphone – 2 units
Audio Technica ATW1101 Digital wireless microphone – 2 units
Adam Hall SB5BE Microphone Stand – 4 units
Rapco Passive DI DB-1 Mono – 3 units

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