Faith Christian Center is a vibrant Anglican church that is based in Sunway, Kuala Lumpur. Being part of the Sabah Anglican Diocese, this centre plays a pivotal role in bringing the Gospel of Christ to the young Christian community over here.

Yamaha DXR 15 were chosen to replace their aging EAW system

Bronte Audio Solutions were tasked to replace their ageing EAW system with their chosen Yamaha DXR 15 Active loudspeakers and add some reinforcement to some areas that were not covered by the original system.

Also, a single Yamaha DXR 8 were chosen to provide coverage to the front fill.

A single Yamaha DXR 8 used to provide the front fill coverage

For the rear seat coverage duties, a pair of LD System CURV line array was chosen because of its high power output but yet small in profile as not to block the rear congregation view of the main stage.

LD Curv Line array system

Overall the client is satisfied with our work, and we look forward to their next phase of a system upgrade for their church.

A pair of LD System Curv were installed to handle the rear coverage.
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