This is a throwback of one of our installations back in 2017.

This is a new building project by Christian Life Gospel Center.

Bronte Audio Solutions were tasked to design and integrate the sound reinforcement for the venue with even coverage and the best cost-effective solution. We also provide acoustic treatment using cellulose to achieve the reverberation time that is conducive to the church worship services.

To achieve these objectives, dB Technologies (dBTech) DVA T4 line array systems were selected for this project. dBTech is known for its hardware reliability with superb sonic quality that the church seeks to have in their worship services.

dBTech DVA T4 Line Array Loudspeaker deployed for FOH duties

A total of 6 units of dBTech DVA T4 active line array loudspeakers were installed around the stage to provide uniform coverage for the audience. For the low frequencies’ reproduction, a pair of dBTech DVA S10DP were used. All the loudspeakers were processed using dBTech AC26N Loudspeaker Processor.

A pair of dBTech S10DP Active subwoofers for low frequencies.

Bronte Audio Solutions were tasked to provide total acoustic solutions for all their halls. For this – cellulose treatment was sprayed to the ceiling, while cellulose acoustic panels were installed to provide additional absorption properties to the hall acoustics.

Cellulose acoustic panels.

Overall the client is satisfied and pleased with the results, and we are delighted that one project was completed successfully within the specified parameters.

Equipment used for this install

dB Technologies DVA T4 Active Line Array loudspeaker – 8 units
dB Technologies DVA S10DP Active Subwoofers – 2 units
dB Technologies AC26N Loudspeakers Processor – 1 unit
Rapco Passive DI DB-1 Mono – 5 units

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