Acoustics Treatment, Noise Control & Intergration

As part of our company philosphy to provide our client the complete services and one-stop-solutions provider, we provide acoustical analysis, treatment, noise control and intergration for your venue.

Acoustical Analysis, Measurement and Consultation

acoustic analysis malaysia

Is your hall too reverberant and “echo-ey”? You are looking for a proper permanent solution? Contact us today and we will help you access and evaluate your venue and needs. We will:

  • Do a site visit and do a preliminary analysis of the acoustical properties of your venue.
  • Spend time and understand the needs of the operators and venue owners of the nature of the events held there.
  • We provide professional acoustical measurement and report for a reasonable fee.
  • We also provide acoustical consultation for a reasonable fee.

Acoustic Treatment and Solutions

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Acoustic Cellulose Spray Treatment

We provide acoustic spray using cellulose as part of our acoustic treatment solutions.

What is Cellulose?

The Spray Applied Thermal and Acoustical Cellulose insulation (SATAC) or more commonly known as  Cellulose Spray could be applied to virtually any construction surface. It is made of recycled paper, which are hollow, elastic and energy absorbing, providing an excellent insulation against both heat and cold.

Our cellulose are treated with Boric Acid, they are fire-retardant with Bomba Certification, and they are resistant to mold, mildew, insects and pest for long lasting permanent acoustic solution.

Other Acoustic Solutions

sound system evaluation

We provide on site sound system evaluation and assessment to ensure that you know your system performance level with the latest trend world’s entertainment needs.

Sound system product retail

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Yes, we do sell sound systems equipment. We have microphones, DI boxes, stage accessories and loudspeakers system for sale. Head over to our Lazada and Shopee outlet to find out more!

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