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Seremban Life Assembly Church, N.S

sla 1Located in Oakland, Seremban, Seremban Life Assembly is a church that is focused on the community living and music is a very big part of the ministry. However their current sound system were not able to deliver the mission they wanting to accomplished. Plagued by constant feedback and ground hum often drives it’s audio volunteers to frustration. 

Bronte Audio Solutions were called in to help and access the situation. It was determined that the electrical wiring needed to be overhauled and the loudspeaker placement needed to be changed to achieved optimal coverage. It was also proposed for loudspeaker replacement as the current choice of loudspeaker brand often breaks down and unreliable

Dynacord A-Line of loudspeakers were chosen to be installed at this hall. It proved to be an excellent choice, as the audio clarity and the power were sufficient to deliver the worship impact for its congregation. The system were tuned using Smaart Live and now the church services were consistent in sounding and it’s congregation noted how natural and clear the pastor’s voice now.

sla 3

To add upon that Electro-Voice ZLX-12P were added to the stage as musician monitors, replacing the old loudspeakers. Musicians and singers are able to hear themselves clearly now.

Equipment used in this system upgrade

  • Dynacord A 112A x 4 units
  • Dynacord A 118A x 2 units
  • Electro-Voice ZLX-12P x 2 units
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