There seems to be much confusion about BirdDog and NDI usage requirements. Here are some quick facts about NDI.

1) You don’t need a super-duper powerful computer to use NDI. If your live sources are just primary camera (1080p) and PowerPoint slide, any reasonably recent Intel i5 CPU can do it. 

2) You don’t need the internet to use NDI. You need a local Gigabit network. These two are different things. 

To make this easier to understand, here is a little illustration. 

You are a restaurant* operator. You decide to start serving a dish called NDI on the menu. For the children – NDI HX will be served. However, you do not want to concentrate on the kid’s menu as the FULL NDI generates the most revenue for your establishment. 

To ensure that your customers can enjoy various samplings of NDI dishes, you hired a restaurant managed named GIGABIT. Mr Gigabit makes sure that all your waiters work at maximum efficiency, serving your customers with minimal delay.

Your restaurant business is booming, and it is attracting more affluent clients that demand finer tasting dishes in your restaurant. You added more NDI dishes choices, added more portions and spices, and called it 4K NDI. You are confident your decision will succeed because of your latest hire. A Michelin award chef named 10G is working in your kitchen. 

To reach the unvaxxed group unable to dine in your restaurant, you reached out to UNIFI**. UNIFI promised to provide you with a network of delivery riders that can deliver your NDI dishes for your customers to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. 

However, Unifi services are only limited to big cities. So you turn to your second provider, BROADBAND, to reach those customers in the outskirts. Broadband requires that you cut down your NDI portion because its riders are pretty old and slow. The weather, thunderstorms and rain further hamper their intermittent services. But they are the only service available; you decide to live with its shortcomings. 

Your business is booming, and you have now gained international fame. A group of super-rich clientele ask if your NDI can be flown to Hong Kong or halfway across the world. An answer to any question is always YES, so you went to this NDI catering service called NDI BRIDGE, and boom! Your clientele base has expanded, and anyone can now enjoy your NDI offerings around the world. 

And there is one more thing. You noticed that with NDI BRIDGE, you can still manage your restaurant while away from your restaurant. Now, you finally can enjoy the fruit of your hard work with all these systems in place, with a cup of hot steaming coffee, holidaying in the Alps. 

*Can be changed to any establishment, church, hotel etc.

** UNIFI is a fibre telco provider in Malaysia. 

Bronte Audio Solutions are a BirdDog dealer and one of the trusted system integrator for various brands. Contact us if you want to discover how NDI can help your establishment today! 

Illustration for fun
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