EL-Lohi Center Bukit Mahkota, Cheras.
A mono system with JBL Control Series Speakers as FOH

Designed as a para-church and a facility to any Christians ministry that needed a place for service, Bronte Audio Solutions were tasked to designed a system that is capable to serve various ministries that will be using the space.

With the budget and user-friendliness in mind, a mono system that consisted of 3 units of JBL Control 29 series were installed in a spaced center position, to provide uniform SPL coverage from the front stage to the back. Each of the loudspeakers is delayed accordingly so that the arrival time for each zone are timed accordingly.

SoundCraft Expression 1 Digital Mixer, Driverack Venue360 Processor with Crown Amplifiers

A SoundCraft Expression 1 digital mixer is installed to handle the mixing duties, while Crown Amplifiers are chosen for amplification duties and a DriveRack Venue 360 are used for loudspeaker processing.

For low frequency impact a low profile EV ZX-1 subwoofer are used. Bronte Audio Solutions also installed Epson short throw projectors and other stage lighting work that is required.

Cellulose Acoustic were sprayed on the ceiling

Also notably the hall is acoustically treated with acoustic cellulose, so the hall is not reverberant and not echocy. Cellulose we use are fire-retardant, resists mold and it is unpalatable to insects.

Our client is pleased with our work and we look forward to work together again for future projects.

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