Foon Yew 2 Primary School is a high-performance school where education is highly valued and the teachers and the parents worked hard to ensure it’s students receives the best instruction and education program that the school provides.

One of the programs is the pre-classes events held in the multipurpose hall. Since the previous hall upgrades with the air-conditioning system, the acoustic of the hall are too reverberant and it hampers the speech intelligibility of the teachers who are teaching on stage.

Bronte Audio Solutions are tasked to analyse the situation and a solution was proposed. The ceiling and the surrounding wall of the halls are to be treated with cellulose spray, and acoustic material that proved to be effective in reducing the reverberant energy in the room. The cellulose is treated to be fire retardant, non-toxic and works as heat insulators if sprayed on the ceiling.

The Parents Teacher’s Association (PTA) decided that the school would proceed with Phase 1 of our proposed solution, that is to treat the surrounding wall first. The installation work took two weeks and after the project, a significant improvement over speech intelligibility are noted.

We look forward to working with Foon Yew 2 PTA to complete Phase 2 of the project – a total acoustic treatment of the ceiling for complete improvement in speech intelligibility, soon.

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